meet the working dogs of Portland PD

The Portland Police Department Currently Utilizes Six K9 Teams

Each team is comprised of an officer and trained dog who respond to a multitude of circumstances. The dogs and officers go through a long training process together, and the department only utilizes “positive” training methods, often using toys as the incentive. 

Three of the teams are trained to conduct patrol functions such as search for lost people, detect narcotics and assist in suspect apprehension. They are important tools in crime suppression and are on-call together 24 hours a day. 

The other three K-9 teams are trained in explosives detection and do much of their work at the Portland Jetport. These three teams also assist by attending all major events within the city of Portland, conducting security sweeps. Training is an important part of this specialty. 


The relationship between the handlers and their K-9 partners is unparalleled in law enforcement. Both the handler and the K-9 train rigorously to prepare for the inherent dangers of the job. Through this training, the officer and the K9 build a very unique and special bond.  

Officer matt pavlis and k9 Messi

About Matt

Matt has been a member of the Portland Police Department since 2008. During that time, he worked as a Field Training Officer, training new officers who just graduated the academy, and was a member of the Command Truck Team.

About Messi

Messi joined the Portland Police Department as Matt's partner in August of 2018. He is a 19 month old Belgian Malinois from Slovakia. 

About the Team

Matt and Messi work together on the evening shift,  in the Deering neighborhood of Portland. Messi is trained for patrol and assists in the  search for lost people,  narcotic detection and suspect apprehension.  

Officer Michelle Cole and K9 Barni

About Michelle

Michelle joined the Portland Police Department in 1998.  Michelle joined the K9 Unit in 2001, with her partner Karla.  Throughout her time at Portland PD, she has worked with several K9 partners, both in a patrol and explosive detection capacity. 

About Barni

Barni is a 3 year old, German short-haired pointer.  He is an explosive detection K9.  Barni is assigned to Michelle through the Department of Homeland Security. 

About the Team

Michelle and Barni work the day shift, covering the Deering neighborhood of Portland.  

Officer Tom Reagan and K9 Trixie

About Tom

Tom has been a member of the Portland Police Department since 2005.  During his time, he has worked various shifts and patrol beats throughout the city. 

About Trixie

Trixie has been proudly serving with the Portland Police Department for the past 9 years. 

About the Team

Tom and Trixi are assigned full-time to the Portland International Jetport. 

Officer Henry Small and K9 Quincy

About Henry

Henry has been a member of the Portland Police Department since 1990.  Throughout his time, he has worked in various units and is now assigned full-time to the Portland International Jetport.  

About Quincy

Quincy is an American Yellow Lab, who was brought to us 9 years ago through the TSA Puppy Program. Quincy was named after Quincy Green,  a victim of 9/11. Over the last 9 years, Quincy has been proudly patrolling alongside Henry. 

About the Team

You may see Henry and Quincy patrolling the Portland International Jetport.  They also assist at any major event that comes to the city of Portland, to insure safety and security. 

Officer Jonathan Lackee and K9 Dozer

About Jon

Jon joined the Portland Police Department in 2013. During his time on patrol, Jon focused his efforts on illegal drug use and distribution. Jon also briefly served as a Field Training Officer before he became a K9 handler. 

About Dozer

Dozer is a 2 year old,  part German Shepherd part Malinois, imported from Belgium. He is certified as a patrol K9, and is currently undergoing narcotics training. 

About the Team

Jon and Dozer patrol the late-out shift in downtown Portland.  They recently successfully completed their training and are now certified as a patrol-function K9 Team. 

Officer David Moore and K9 Johnsey

About David

Dave joined the Portland Police Department in 2016. During his time, he has worked various shifts and participated in the Holiday Footbeat. 

About Johnsey

Johnsey is a 2 year old German Shepherd.  He is currently undergoing dual purpose narcotic and patrol K9 training.  

About the Team

Certified through the U.S.P.C.A. for all functions of a patrol K-9.