Lateral Officers

Law Enforcement Employment Opportunities for Fully Certified Police Officers

 Written testing is waived for full-time law enforcement officers. Salary is commensurate with years of police service. Our hiring process will be expeditious and accommodating. Lateral officers qualify for the $10,000 sign on bonus. 

Contact us with any questions: 207-874-8588

Lateral from out of State?

We work hard to accommodate travel plans around the scheduling of tests and appointments. Candidates can have their entire process completed in two trips to Portland! 


You must be a certified, full-time law enforcement officer

You must be eligible for a waiver by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA)

 To receive this waiver, candidates must successfully complete a written exam given by the MCJA and receive the consent of the MCJA Board of Trustees. 

How to Start the Process:

Submit a resume and cover letter to Clarkson Woodward, Principal Administrative Officer. 


Phone: 207-874-8588



After receiving your resume and cover letter, you will be scheduled for an interview and PT testing

The physical fitness test can be taken at the Portland Police Department or the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Pre-registration is required for both locations. 

Background investigation is conducted

 All candidates remaining in the process are given a background book to complete. The completed book is assigned to an investigator who will work to verify its contents. The purpose of the investigation is to uncover any disqualifying events in a candidate's history. 

Conditional job offers are made

The candidate then must complete a polygraph exam and medical physical. A job suitability assessment may be required in some instances. 


Officers currently certified in Maine start immediately in our Field Training Program. 

Officers certified outside of Maine must receive a waiver from the MCJA. The Portland Police will hire selected candidates and then shepherd them through this process.

Field Training Program

Generally the field training program runs for a duration of 8 weeks for lateral officers. This time frame can be extended due to background and prior law enforcement experience. 

Have a question about lateral entry?

Speak to a recruitment officer!